The drama of iTunes in Windows 8

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Technology - Apple
Friday, 10 May 2013 16:11

Although many users feel that the version of iTunes for Windows never been thin all should (unlike in OS X), always has been available to Windows users. With the new Microsoft operating system, and with the recent arrival of version 11 of Apple's multimedia application, many users wonder if iTunes would see in Windows 8 Metro interface adapted.

Apple 2012

In this case, it seems that Microsoft is very interested in the availability of a version of iTunes adapted to the Windows 8 Metro Interface and Windows RT, and that apparently is one of most sought apps in the store of the Microsoft operating system .

The reality is that iTunes 11, if that is available to Windows 8, at least it is the version for the classic Windows desktop, but Microsoft believes it is not enough. In fact, Microsoft itself CFO, Tami Reller has made some statements about the arrival of iTunes to Windows 8 Metro and RT:

They should not expect iTunes on Windows 8 in the short term. iTunes has a great demand. The welcome mat is laid. Not for lack of trying.

That is, Microsoft's interest is more than clear. But what about Apple? With an updated version, though not adapted to the interface of Windows 8, why bother going to create a new interface for Windows 8 or RT version?.

In fact, creating a new interface of iTunes for Windows would mean the loss of identity that currently has the application as grid interface for iTunes 11 is the sign of submission of the application and the most important development of the last update.

Furthermore, adaptation of the iTunes interface to the new interface of Microsoft operating system for Apple would double the effort, as happened with Safari, in addition to the application available on two fronts. And right now, where all efforts are focused on Apple OS X 10.9 and iOS 7.

For the moment, awaiting the arrival of the Metro interface to iTunes 11 for Windows and not a specific version for Windows RT, but it always leaves a door open. See what happens in the medium term.

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The iPhone 5S is on the way: one piece is filtered motherboard

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Technology - Apple
Thursday, 09 May 2013 22:05

Another one for the list of rumors about the iPhone 5S. The French technology Web Nowhereelse found another component of the future successor to the iPhone 5. It is a component of the motherboard next iPhone 5S, associated with the back camera.

rumors about the iPhone 5S
Specifically, the part that joins the list of rumors about the iPhone 5S is a small circuit which is responsible for controlling the phone's camera. The piece in question is found on a Japanese website responsible for the manufacture of components. The reasons why this part of the base plate is becoming one of the rumors about the iPhone 5S most talked about is for its resemblance to the same component in the current iPhone 5, appearing in the image above modified circuit. Furthermore, as tradition dictates, the components of the camera are often protagonists leaks Apple products and in this case there were few rumors about the iPhone 5S and camera, although we already knew some details in the form of rumors about this .

rumors about the iPhone 5S
While gaining strength the idea that it is a component of the next iPhone 5, it is also likely that the chip just try to take care of the camera handle another resonated rumors of the day: an alleged low-cost iPhone in which Apple might be working.

In any case, we expect a loaded front month rumors about the iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iOS 7 or iPhone more affordable. A very interesting month also talk of a possible remodeling of the iPad and it always end up like an approaching WWDC: Disappointments for some, joy for others and secure many new Cupertino by one of developer events in the more external pressure that has been Apple.

The entrance The iPhone 5S is underway: one piece is filtered motherboard listed first in Unofficial .


Pixelmator is updated to version 2.2 with more than 100 new

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Technology - Apple
Thursday, 09 May 2013 19:02

Pixelmator is one of the most recognizable image programs for OS X. It is a good alternative to the almighty Adobe suite, and covers a large part of their means for a much lower price and much more affordable for the average user. The company has now Pixelmator 2.2 Blueberry, which will bring more than 100 new from enhancements and new features, highlighting work with forms, tools and a new effect.

Pixelmator 2.2

We can not forget that a few days ago Adobe introduced Photoshop CC as their definitive commitment to the cloud and a complete turnaround in the distribution model of the popular suite of photo editing software. In Creative Cloud find all Adobe applications, and we can use them in exchange for paying a monthly fee.

However, Pixelmator guys are betting on the traditional model, and we provide a lot of enhancements and features in the new update, Pixelmator 2.2:

  • Intelligent tools of forms allows us to quickly adjust the outline of a figure.
  • Palette forms: new predefined shapes we can add by simply dragging.
  • Style Palette form: let us easily create polished and advanced forms.
  • Text: apply gradients, shadows or movements individually to each letter.
  • Smart Move: automatically distinguish when working with images or layers of different shapes and we offer sensible options.
  • Brush selection tool: we facilitate and expedite the task of selecting areas.
  • Light leakage effect

Besides these major improvements, also have improved access to samples of color, new gradients, improved drawing tools and text, ability to copy and paste form style and performance improvements. Finally, the company has also redesigned its website tutorials . Pixelmator 2.2 is not a solution as complete as Adobe software, but is a more than feasible for the average user and a price that suits your needs.

Download: Pixelmator on the Mac App Store Price $ 14.99 | € 13.99

The entrance Pixelmator is updated to version 2.2 with more than 100 new first appears Unofficial .


iOS 7 closer, web logs increases

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Technology - Apple
Thursday, 09 May 2013 00:30

The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference is just around the corner and while rumors happen what Apple will teach us in this year, is more than likely that we will see a new version of mobile operating system on the block. In case we had any doubts, since Onswipe reaches about increased traffic from iOS 7 to the websites of its partners. That is, iOS 7 is already being used in Cupertino, and the preview of what will be the new Apple's mobile operating system is now being tested in Apple facilities.

traffic from ios

The data traffic coming from iOS 7 show that more and more devices with the operating system being tested. The rise in visits from iPhones and iPads from Cupertino and San Francisco has reached a 23% share of visits to pages with Onswipe (specifically May 2). The 75% of traffic from iOS in July came from iPhones, but also being tested on iPads.

Thus the increase in traffic from iOS 7 confirms the modus operandi to which we are accustomed when Apple update their software: iOS versions test internally among members of the Apple template, display to the public and take a precondition for registered users in the developer program and then offer it for download to users.

In the new version of iOS is expected to overhaul of its interface , into a much more flat lines, to silence the voices that say Apple's mobile operating system is stagnant. In line with iOS 7 is expected to pose a breath of fresh air for the Apple ecosystem with important new features and functions . What is beyond doubt is that we are very near a deep renovation of our devices and undoubtedly the WWDC will be the perfect setting for the gala start iOS 7.

The entrance iOS 7 closer, web logs increases first appears Unofficial .

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