Olloclip brings the iPhone's camera to the next level

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Friday, 15 July 2011 16:01

You know that this blog we love to talk about the uses and tricks we can use our iPhone to get the most juice used as a camera. We have therefore devoted some past posts to speak of Instagram for example. Not forgetting our section of life on the iPhone which is published every Saturday.

If we as a photography expert and want to get more performance to our iPhone 4 should take a look at olloclip. Olloclip appeared as a small project kickstart the many that exist in that website and ended up coming true this month with the first shipments to customers. This is a set of lenses encased in a small cylinder that attaches to the corner of our iPhone 4 covering the chamber with the sole intention of bringing certain changes to catch him.

Each olloclip has three types of lens, macro, wide angle and fisheye. To choose between fisheye and wide enough to go around the plug and re-attaching it to the Apple smartphone. The macro is achieved by turning the wide angle lens. As you can see in the video that you attach, the effect is extraordinary, so that more professionals use their iPhone 4 to catch every day applying effects and application settings as Hipstamatic, PhotoForge 2 or Camera +, and even those who like motion video recording with the Apple gadget will appreciate the possibilities this small device.

Captura de pantalla 2011 07 14 a las 23.40.39 Olloclip lleva la cámara del iPhone al siguiente nivel

If you're asking about price, 69'95 sold dollars and is available from the manufacturer's website in two colors, black and red. Incidentally, I recommend you visit that page to see examples of the results achieved with the plugin.

Olloclip brings the iPhone's camera to the next level written Unofficial July 15, 2011 by Dani Munoz
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