How to play a movie with subtitles on the iPhone, iPod Touch or IPAD

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Wednesday, 16 June 2010 18:02

Surely most of you know the option to embed the subtitles in the video file to be able to view s on the iPhone, iPod or IPAD without any problems, and enjoy a good movie or series in subtitled original version. The problem is that when you embed it, we will not have the option of going back and we can not enable / disable the subtitles.

Having tried several methods to enable and disable the subtitles on my iPhone, I have concluded that the application is iSubtitle fastest and easiest to perform this task.

  • The first thing to do is download iSubtitle . The application fee is if the developer gives us a few days to try it.

  • Then select File> Open and choose the video file to convert.

  • In the right window we click on + to add the subtitles.

  • Then after adding the video and subtitles, choose, in the main window, the Export option> for iPhone / iPod Touch. As you can see also has added the option to convert the video to the screen of IPAD.

  • The program will start automatically convert the video.

The end result is converted to video format supported by iPhone, iPod Touch or IPAD, and for playing the file, a new tab where you can activate or disable the subtitles.

Playing a movie with subtitles on the iPhone, iPod Touch or IPAD written Squad The Unofficial on 16 June, 2010 MiguelAW
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