SkyDrive for OS X, does it work? How much does it cost? Is it worth it?

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Tuesday, 24 April 2012 13:59

A couple of weeks I compared some of the online storage services most popular iPhone . Now, with the release of SkyDrive from Microsoft for OS X and Windows, we provide review your application and compare it to its direct competition. Is it a threat to Apple's Mac SkyDrive output, or is just one more service to the long list of competition that has the apple company? All you need to know about Unofficial SkyDrive.

What is SkyDrive?

When in 2008 Microsoft decided to take the most used Windows to the cloud under the name of "live", created a system to store files online. Originally called Windows Live Folders, although shortly after passage named with its present name. The storage system is not so different like DropBox or, but their success was based on providing every Hotmail user with a space of 25 GB alone was necessary to access our Windows account ID (Hotmail, MSN). Currently, the service has improved, including other features such as merging with other Live suite programs (Photos, Favorites, Groups) and the inclusion of Office Web App: the most used Microsoft Office tailored to the cloud.

How does it work in OS X?

Do not expect an application with many windows and menus. SkyDrive for OS X works in the background. Nothing install calls our access to Windows Live and make a physical folder on your computer. In it we see all the files stored in Microsoft's cloud, but not only that, but also everything that we modify, delete or we copy within the same will be synchronized in the background with our room on the internet. Format files that can not open, create a shortcut to send to Office Web Access and edit from there.

No adjustments or preferences on the application. All we can change is if we want SkyDrive starts just turn on your computer. In that aspect it would have been helpful if some type of setting to adjust the synchronization time, for example, that does not consume many resources, or if we are not occupying the bandwidth.

How does it work on iPhone?

Like almost all applications for IOS, iPhone SkyDrive is a simple file viewer in the cloud. Allows you to review all documents have uploaded, whatever the format, that opens from your web application. In addition to sending the program you want within our Smartphone or share them with e-mail recipients. Instead, it offers the ability to upload our pictures and videos to the cloud to create a backup reel in your library. One very interesting to lighten the space on the icloud.

How much is SkyDrive?

Note: If you had Skydrive, you must verify your account to continue getting the 25GB free, as from now the space becomes 7GB for new accounts. You only need to access the options of storage management and verify that you use this account often.

Is it worth a try?

What can you lose? So far, along with icloud, the best online storage service platform. Integration with OS X is excellent and comes in handy to have important files synchronized and reporting practices work or college. It also allows collaborative editing online files and editing photos using the browser. Be seen that the future offers Google Drive , but to date, Microsoft offers the most competitive prices.

Download: SkyDrive for IOS and OS X Free