Pocket heroes, an interesting co-op RPG IOS

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Technology - Apple
Friday, 06 April 2012 00:20

If you're an RPG fan, like a server, today I present a great news, because the next day May 10 arrive at the AppStore Pocket Heroes , a game that has every chance to be one of the greats.

Pocket Heroes has certain elements that I believe can help a lot, as is its retro look at the inventory, maps, or control bird's eye view, somewhat reminiscent of the first series of the classic Final Fantasy or Zelda . It also includes a new multiplayer system, established in shifts, so it is not necessary to play the same time, it is not synchronous, a really cool feature.

We have said once that the RPG does not have much weight in the AppStore, the result of the games made with so little we are. The only decent thing this group is Zenonia . For this reason I am very pleased that incorporates an application of these features and drive this model of game that attracts us so much on other platforms.

To whet your mouth I leave you with a little preview:

The features included are:

  • Cooperative play with up to 3 friends, including chat and bonuses for group missions.
  • 6 characters to choose from. More will be included in future updates.
  • More than 20 types of monsters (spiders, skeletons, ogres ...) each with their own abilities and attack styles.
  • Retro style graphics reminiscent of 8 bits, with a nice visual style and nostalgic.
  • Game Achievement Center: you can play missions with your friends or meet new through matchmaking.

And less remains to enjoy these little pocket heroes. Pocket Heroes will be available on May 10 at the AppStore for a price of $ 1.99 | € 1.59.