Apple decided today that it will do with its 100,000 million

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Technology - Apple
Monday, 19 March 2012 14:15

Within minutes, Apple has called a press conference in San Francisco to communicate to investors the measures they will take all the money the company has liquid: more than 100,000 million dollars deposited in banks.

Today at 9 am (San Francisco time) the CEO Tim Cook CFO Peter Oppenheimer and will announce the conclusions reached by the board of the company. As specified in the release that Apple has provided, it is not any quarterly monitoring, but an extraordinary appearance.

There is a number that can be taken lightly, more than 100,000 million dollars the company has in cash. Investors had demanded this hearing months since the company announced its fiscal results. Tim Cook himself said several times that the entire board was "deeply meditating" which decision to make as much money. Surely the press conference today leaves no one indifferent.

For those of you follow, Apple retrasmite the audio of it from their website starting at 14:00 (times GMT). In Unofficial will keep you informed of all developments that may arise during the event.

Online replay of the conference (active from 14:00, times GMT)
Access to the press release