Apple loses patent lawsuit against Motorola

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Technology - Apple
Monday, 19 March 2012 15:32

Apple has run into a roadblock: a few days ago, the carrying case against Motorola Mobility for Motorola failed in the courts of the Committee on Commerce of the United States. The Motorola argued that Apple was violating three patents important multi-touch screen, an object-oriented system locator, and a patent also relates to touch screens.

The preliminary ruling of the court, in January, had determined that there was insufficient evidence to determine that Motorola was violating Apple's patents. In Friday's ruling is affirmed. This represents a blow to Apple, which for some time now Motorola is firing on patent cases. However, only one of the many battles that are taking place in different parts of the world of Apple patents related to mechanisms used by Apple and other companies are being awarded.

This does not end there, because according to some sources of the legal team of Apple, the Cupertino company will not accept this decision easily and appeal in federal court in the United States. A procedure is repeated, because, remember, is also appealing a similar measure related to HTC. The lawyers are optimistic about the federal court's decision and believe that the verdict will be reversed.

After effect "Germany", many companies prefer to avoid the slowness of U.S. courts to move their business to the German courts. In fact, late last February, Apple was able to continue sales in Germany , after some hasty decisions by German courts. Apple has also moved many of their demands to the Germanic country. Let's wait to see if non-stop growth is stopped by the Apple patent war .