Apple retira Bang with Friends para iPhone de la App Store

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Technology - Apple
Saturday, 18 May 2013 03:27

Apple removes Bang with Friends for iPhone from the App Store as their creators have announced. The version for iOS Bang with Friends , the Facebook app to detect what friends are eager to have sex with us runs out despite iPhone app in the App Store that there are many similar applications. So far Apple has not made ​​any statement on the matter.

Apple removes Bang with Friends

So, without notice, Apple removed Bang with Friends. An application that adds to the sad list removed from the App Store by the Cupertino company despite not violate any provision of the same. Users who have already installed the application on their iOS devices may continue to use but no longer available in the App Store.

For those who do not know her, Bang with Friends is a Facebook application that detects people with whom you have some "affinity" to start a sexual relationship sporadically. Very fashionable among American youth that have been exported to the rest of the world and of which I spoke in Alt1040, showing serious privacy issues that have and can see which users are using the application.

Launched last week for iOS devices, nobody understands why Apple removed Bang with Friends. The Cupertino company has yet to make statements about it but it seems that the withdrawal could be due to problems with user privacy. Unfortunately there is no known precedent in the App Store sexual contacts applications that have been removed because Apple's allowed in your app store if they meet all the clauses.

From Bang with Friends have announced that they are trying to solve the problem and return to the App Store soon. To bridge the gap, the application was sent not his real name but by the acronym BTW due to explicit the same. Perhaps this may be the reason but nonsensical. We will have to wait until the official release of Apple for more context to judge the situation.

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Blackberry Messenger for iOS now will not come to iPad

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Technology - Apple
Friday, 17 May 2013 19:42

Since the beginning of the week the CEO of BlackBerry, Thorsten Heins, revealed that Blackberry Messenger for iOS would be available this summer, much has been talked about to reach the devices at launch. It seems that these doubts are clarified: Blackberry Messenger for iOS is not available for the Apple tablet , at least at the time of his arrival in iOS.


In the words of Vivek Bhardwaj, head of BlackBerry software, the initial goal of the campaign is to get Blackberry Messenger to smartphones exclusively, but leaves the door open on a version for tablets espefifica:

When you start to watch the tablets, computers and other screens, modes of use and behavior change. For us right now is to put all the focus on each smartphone BBM. Smartphones are our true goal and again it comes back to what is BBM. If you look BBM and commitment and activity, is because it is mobile, because people are going. At the moment that's iOS and Android, and especially phones running iOS 6 and above.

Although the focus of the market Blackberry smartphones are not the company is prudent, they are missing a huge market where no company has entry yet, or at least aggressively. Neither WhatsApp or Line have versions adapted to tablets. Only Apple and Google recently , its messaging services offered on the desktop, mobile and tablet.

Thus, the initial rejection by Blackberry tablet market seems not entirely correct strategy, and less if you want users to see their application as the candidate to overthrow the great kings of the market.

An initial bet all the platforms, where today the availability of the application on the desktop, tablets and smartphones seems almost obligatory Blackberry would give the possibility of becoming the preferred by users, and although glance it may seem, this decision will shape much the preferences of those users to use your application.

We will see that just this, but if your competitors play their cards, Blackberry might change your mind and see Messenger available on our iPads.

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Intel may have made the first iPhone processor

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Technology - Apple
Friday, 17 May 2013 18:33

While Paul Otellini steps down as CEO at Intel, gave an interesting interview to The Atlantic in which he talks about his experiences in the company. Among the many anecdotes, there is a particular interest, and is about Intel's plans in the first iPhone and why ultimately opted not to include its processors in the Apple phone.

iPhone 1G

Paul Otellini has been leading Intel as CEO for a few years, which has kept the company in a dominant position in the PC sector, but has not yet successful in the mobile market. Six years later, the decision not to include Intel technology in the first iPhone, sounds like a mistake, but the fact is that Otellini was not the only one who doubted the success of Apple's phone at the time.

The thing to remember is that this was before the introduction of the iPhone, and nobody knew what the iPhone was going to be ... At the end of the day, there was a chip in which they were interested and they wanted to pay a certain price, not a penny more, and that price was below our estimated cost [of production]. I could not see. It was one of those things you could compensate volume. And in perspective, the estimated cost was erroneous, and the volume was 100 times greater than we all thought.

As we all know, after squandering the opportunity to include Intel processor in the first iPhone, Apple launched the device in 2007, beating all expectations, and changing mobile industry. In the field of mobile processors, the ARM architecture is the queen in the sector, and Atom, Intel's technology has only a small percentage. Companies like Qualcomm lead a mobile industry that is growing rapidly, and Samsung and Apple make their own processors.

Do not know how it would have been the landscape of mobile processors if they had taken this project. Nor can we deny that the decision not to include Intel technology in the first iPhone and participate in this project was risky, but it is just to take that risk when you get long-term reward. Otellini himself and acknowledges :

My instinct told me so.

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Apple updates iTunes to version 11.0.3 with a new MiniPlayer and other minor improvements

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Technology - Apple
Thursday, 16 May 2013 22:28

Apple just updated iTunes 11.0.3 with a new mini player and improved multi-disc visuacion for those albums that are composed of multiple disks, along with other minor improvements.


iTunes 11.0.3 is available via Software Update or through Apple's website , and is recommended update for all users. The new version includes the following features:

  • New MiniPlayer. MiniPlayer now includes a beautiful new view that displays the album cover. Also integrates a progress bar to monitor the songs.
  • Improvements in view of Music. Now you can enjoy the Artists section cover.
  • Multiple disc albums. The multiple disc albums now appear as a single album.
  • Performance improvements in searching and sorting of large iTunes libraries.

Although these improvements are minor and focus on small changes, the new mini player being the main feature, the truth is that the application has gained stability and lightness, at least when playing HD content with multiple audio tracks and subtitles in large libraries.

Without doubt, Apple continues to improve day to day application, which makes iTunes as the best application to play media today: from simple songs to movies and high-definition content as link to our iOS devices .

Anyway, one of the features that many users still throwing at fault is the ability to adjust the size of the covers (both albumnes as movies and series) to manually adapatarlas the size of your screen, a feature that disappeared with the arrival of iTunes 11.

However, all improvements are welcome. We look at the possible developments of iTunes that can come with iOS 7, and iCloud, which surely will gain more prominence.

Download: iTunes 11.0.3

Admission Apple updates iTunes to version 11.0.3 with a new MiniPlayer and other minor improvements first appears Unofficial .

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